We Are Back!

On the 15th/1/2024, We kicked off 2024 with renewed energy and commitment to serving our LBQ womxn community with our tools in hand, boots on, we cannot wait to make this year even more remarkable. Our Drop-in center and Legal Aid Desk are up and running offering; legal aid support, Counselling, Psychosocial support, access to safety protection, Love and care, HIV/SRHR services, Products and Information. Reach out to us through our toll-free line: 0800 100 093 | GBV emergency hotline: 0757 709 096 – we are here for you every step of the way. Wishing you all a happy and fruitful 2024! Let us make it a year filled with positivity, growth, and shared successes.

BaQueer Twogere

Plan for the year

The new year plans seem like a waste of time but they actually aren’t, how we reach our intended goals involves planning, powerful and effective communication, how to deal with perfectionism, what is budgeting anyway? or how do we even get ourselves to be more productive and charismatic. Another bang and reconnect with our amazing voices of LBQ womxn community as they share best practices on how to plan for the year.  but also unveil the fantastic line up exciting programs. Stay tuned, stay fabulous and stay connected. Welcome back from the holidays and Plan for the year 

Regenerating your way into the year 2024 Bi monthly wellness

Members’ bi monthly wellness have always come in different shades, as the new year kicked off, it was vital to have the community members involved in the organization planning, building trust, showing commitment by the organization but most importantly bonding a sense of belonging, this Bi monthly wellness engagement was to get the members collectively regenerate their way through the year by openly sharing their thoughts and expectations from the organization. Its was interesting the fact that the conversation within the womxn focused on menstrual health and management which on the other hand the organization is in process of drafting an LBQ womxn menstrual health and management handbook. Therefore with such inputs, show meaningful engagement and participation of the womxn in organization programming.

Stop femicide: In solidarity

The intentional killing of our sisters in Kenya this month is worrying and this cautions us as a womxn community in Uganda. We join forces and match with the rest of the women in Kenya against this cruelty. Together we amplify our voices for justice and change. Femicide CAN and MUST be prevented.

#EndFemicide #Everywomancounts.





As our country celebrated National Liberation Day on 26/1/2024, it was important to acknowledge that Liberation has not been attained for some communities especially the (LGBTQI) and with the current, Anti Homosexuality Law, the impact has left our communities violated, displaced and killed. As a symbol of resilience and commitment to fighting for our liberation, the today is a reminder of the loss of an incredible human rights activists, David Kato who stood in defense of minority human rights regardless of the homophobic environment. We continue learning from his teachings, adopt the power of solidarity to reaffirm our existence.






“Tomorrow blossoms from the seeds of today’s positivity.” A happy New Month.

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