We welcome you from a month filled with Love, and into a new moon, as our commitment, we continue to keep our womxn community informed and celebrate their diversities and in our latest initiatives, we are excited to unleash our audio play “Miracle For Kara’’, however here is to what February passed with in her basket.


We acknowledge the impact journaling holds, the month of February themed Love and as a reminder, our wellness journal is here to stay, remind you and a check in for your self-care and mental wellbeing, to download a copy;  February wellness Journal  



BA QUEER TWOGERE: Miracle for Kara


The valentine edition was to celebrate and spread love, however, as the womxn community celebrate and spread love, they should consider practicing safe and  pleasurable love and sex.




Menstrual experiences intersect with physical, mental and social wellbeing which are all recognized as an important surface for good health, however, the truth of the matter is that menstruation and mental health are so closely linked. For our virtual bi monthly wellness conversation, we centered around menstruation and how it affects our mental health, menopause, hormonal fluctuation, premenstrual syndrome and disorders cause increased vulnerability to depression.

LGBTIQ History month: The Evolution of the FARUG DIC

This year’s theme ‘’Medicine; #Underthescope,’’ was to celebrate the contributions of the LGBTIQ persons’ contribution towards the field of medicine and healthcare both historically and today. We took the opportunity to showcase the amazing journey of the FARUG’s Drop in center in providing healthcare, shinning light on our womxn community’s experience of receiving health care which has been extremely complicated. Did you know that it was a Health Desk before it became a Drop in Center? Follow the full conversation on link: FARUG DROP IN CENTRE HISTORY


#FARUGDICHistory24 #LGBTIQHistorymonth24

We welcome the March, “The Womxn Month” full of excitement, gratitude and Solidarity.

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