Our Work

  • Freedom from Violence

Objective: To advocate for an environment where the rights of LBTI persons are respected and protected

Our key interventions under this thematic area look at targeting policy makers and law enforcement officers and creating awareness about the rights of LBTI persons. This is done through sharing research and other information, amongst them about key violations of LBTI rights, including IPV, and other forms of SGBV like corrective rape, forced marriage amongst others. FARUG currently has an IPV project that aims to create awareness on the dangers and effects of IPV in same sex relationships.

  • Right to Health for LGBTI persons in Uganda

To promote and advocate for equal access to friendly, non-discriminative and inclusive services to LBTI persons

Under area, FARUG has advanced health rights and access to health care of LBTI women under our Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) project which aims at improving the health and wellbeing of LBTI persons in the different regions of the country. Research under this project found that there was need to increase access to services like counseling, access to medical care without discrimination, safe sex information that is specific to LBTI persons, provision of safe sex materials, access to counseling and hormones for trans identifying persons, provide information on fertility issues, vaccination against Hepatitis B virus and access to prophylaxis in the event of rape.

Under this existing SRHR project FARUG carries out breast and cervical cancer screening, voluntary counseling and testing, general health care through the health desk that is coordinated by professional health workers. FARUG also holds dialogue with healthcare service providers to ease access to health care and create awareness in the whole country. FARUG has a mini clinic to cater for emergency medical cases and provide medical first aid to its members.




Objective: To promote socio-economic rights and empowerment of LBTI persons in Uganda


  • FARUG has and continues to implement various projects to build capacity of LGBTI persons’ for personal development and economic empowerment. In particular the SELF, AMPLIFYCHANGE and PAL projects that are FARUG initiatives to empower LBTI persons in Uganda through theoretical and practical skills. PAL and SELF projects operate under six thematic areas namely: social activities, research and documentation, economic empowerment, advocacy, leadership and health. The Amplify change project under thematic areas like: Poetry and spoken word art, crafts and shoemaking, tailoring amongst others. In addition, FARUG during its social Fridays (every last Friday of the month) organizes more events/activities to facilitate greater social interaction amongst members. We also instil capacity building skills into our membership for personal empowerment in areas like financial management, public speaking ,self-defense skills, Training on development of social enterprises, Facilitating/ seeking resources to support small scale projects (proposals submitted by members),social events e.g. sports galas, community based/support activities to mention but a few.




At the end of 2015, the general assembly during its Annual general meeting elected a new board that includes professionals ( Lawyers, Accountants) and individuals with experience of programming on LGBTI rights issues. We are proud to say that membership development and engagement has always been a critical part of our institutional strengthening.


The structure of our organization comprises of the following organs:


  • FARUG Members (The general assembly): FARUG members are the core of the organization and play a very fundamental role in the implementation of FARUG programs
  • The Board: This body is elected by FARUG members. The key function is to provide policy oversight, guidance and strategic direction to the organization.
  • The Secretariat: The secretariat is the implementation arm of the organization. The secretariat ensures implementation of plans and engages in fundraising under the guidance of the Board. The secretariat reports to the Board on progress, as well as in search of strategic guidance and direction.



FARUG seeks to address best practices and outcomes within the complex context of the LGBT movement in Uganda. Violations and acts of discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Uganda persist. These violations range from forced evictions, expulsion and being forced out of schools, family rejection and disownment, physical and mental abuse, black mail and extortion, detention and arbitrary arrests, forced migration, internal displacement, dismissal from work, misrepresentation in, by and through the media, outing/exposure of individuals by the media and increased state monitoring and surveillance. FARUG endeavors to document cases of violence against LBTI women and to harness ground for research on policies, practices and laws that are discriminatory and continue to be used as tools to suppress and abuse the rights of LBTI persons in Uganda.