Social gatherings have been a culture for FARUG as an organization, an opportunity that provides a safe and informative space for the womxn community.  However, with the current situation, these social informative gatherings have been happening virtually and not giving room to physical interactions which creates more bondage and a sense of belonging and community. The social Sunday was to collectively set for the year ahead and keep everyone inspired. As well as this Christmas gathering is a big thank to womxn community members on their role and responsibility, community members feeling appreciated as part of the community and organization was also another opportunity for the womxn members to access SRHR consumables such as pads, self-testing kits, first aid medicines like painkillers among others.

As closure of the annual year, we also dedicated a space to host candid conversations over campfire for womxn members to share different tips on how best safe they can keep, prevent and encourage healthy seeking behaviors and consented healthy choices during the festive season. The event was a success, having a great number of womxn members turn up feeling safe and confident, but also being able to convene physically, having to share a piece of cake as a sendoff package for the festive season.





As we set off for the holiday season, join the full conversation unwrapping the tips on safety, partying securely making this festive season a celebration of warmth, laughter and responsible vibes. Join the full conversation on @BaQueer Twogere








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