Consentย is essential to healthy sexual, romantic and intimate relationships, and can have many personal and legal consequences if not respected. Intimate Partner Violence is a silence but highly experienced among LBQ womxn ย relationships. Intersectionality also plays a role in gender-based violence in various ways e.g. the violence an LBQ woman faces may be different from that of a heterosexual woman, same applies to a literate woman and an illiterate one, and a rich and poor woman The myths and ignorance around the intimate Partner violence among LBQ womxn relationship and the Fear of judgement and persecution in case of need of reporting also greatly contributes to such violence. The Anti Homosexuality Law impacts also have increased outing, blackmails, unemployment, financial restrains, family and homophobia, which has increased on Intimate Partner Violence within the LBQ womxn relationships.


The AHA 2023 was passed earlier this year in May and there have been lots of questions and fears around its implementation. The Act has also given leeway for violators of human rights to exercise their inhuman activities; there has been increased sexual assaults, physical violations, forced marriages, corrective rape, among other forms of violations, our virtual safe space, through the FARUG legal aid desk thought it crucial to inform and update the womxn community on the implementation of the Act. Conversation on the Interpretation Clause, Definitions of the Law and its provision on offence regardless of whether the persons involved are consenting or not. As Providing simplified version of the law through frequent updates on petitions so as members know and aware about what is happening. Availing such information to womxn community members, centering on the implementation of the AHA 2023 was great, understanding the Act so as to continue maintaining and ensuring their safety and security.

The Legal aid desk handles all the legal matters when it comes to womxn community i.e.; referrals for legal representation, GBV and emergency response.

The toll free number; 0800 100 093

GBV number;+256757709096


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