Want to talk to a therapist?

Understanding the Significance of National Wellness Month celebrated every August, in reference to the FARUG Wellness journal, focuses on practices like stress management, self-care, implementing healthy routines, and improving overall health and wellness. FARUG holds an online and physical counsellor offering psychosocial support. The prevailing Anti Homosexuality Law in place has increasingly contributed to anxiety, depression and stress within our LBQ community; this one of our virtual Bi monthly wellness conversation hosted the counsellor who educated our LBQ womxn community on the various ways that they can take care of their minds and bodies especially balancing stress with happiness amidst the existing Anti Homosexuality Law. It was an opportunity for the womxn community to interface with the Counsellor with professionalism highlighting what mental health is, the different mental health disorders and the different sustaining mental health/ wellbeing coping mechanisms for womxn.

For psychosocial support, Call; Toll free 0800 100 093, +256757709096.

Remember, making even one small change to your habits and routines as a way to improve your health.

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