Does it seem like we will nullify the Law Years from now?

What will happen after the nullification of the Law?

The conversation on petitions was sought important, facilitated by one of the petitioners and one who is directly on the Convening for Equality; which is a solidarity for queer advocates and activists and a coordinator of the strategic Response Team. The Strategic Response Team recently produced a report โ€œEteeka Lyayitaโ€ Documentation of the violations against the communities and this was to help push a course as a community, also a tool in advocacy. To challenge the law, it is upon this background that the Convening for Equality was birthed. These petitions seek to nullify the law. These petitions are composed of different activists, academicians and legal representatives. Lots of international, regional individuals and investor interests are advancing for the nullification of the law. ย What happens to individuals that want to pursue cases against the perpetrators? Do you think the emerging of the three petitions will affect the nullification of the Act? Do petitions need signatures from the community? Were some of the different questions from the womxn community in regards to petitions.

However, how does the community be of support? Keeping informed and Continuous sensation of the community about the implementation of the Act, create a support system that is safe for womxn individuals to freely open up and express and be able to reach out for help

Holding a conversation about the petition was an opportunity for the womxn to interact and ask their questions and feel confident and safe knowing there is hope on the nullification of the Law.


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