The internship was an opportunity by FARUG for a one week training on personal empowerment with a partner feminist organization.   Proudly the program was of great importance to our  two young LB feminists  because they were able to obtain knowledge based professionalism to be able to work within the broader civil society movement.

Tatiana one of the participants had this to say about her experience” I was able to learn about minute writing when I was given a chance to take part in the weekly meeting however I was also able to engage openly with everyone that was part of the meeting which I had never done.As a team, I was able to work as a team whenever we were given an assignment which was of a great value to me.During the research, that was available on media such as newspapers, computers was able to gain a wider coverage on women leaders’ involvement with media and how oppressive the male counterparts are.I was able to learn about administration work like scanning and printing”

Key Highlights of the Training were

  My Body, my health, my responsibility: – To me ,this was all about understanding my sexual reproductive system and be able to recognize and Advocate for my reproductive health rights. Though I was able to learn that it’s my body not anyone else’s, I need to love it, take care of it and respect it because it tells the story of the inner person in me.

Patriarchy and Sexuality: – Here I was able to learn that patriarchy is reproduced through the socialization process, which begins in the family, and how it creeps into other sectors of society like religion, education, the economy and politics. Though I was able to learn to stand firm and fight for my rights as a woman, do away with prejudice and stereotypes. I have changed my perception that men are dominant and superior beings.

The state and sexual politics in the African context: – Basically this was all about the public dimension of power relations while incorporating the issue of gender discourse in the state. Sexuality was explored as part of the domain of human practice organized by gender relations and; Sexual politics is the contextualization of issues of sexuality by the social interests constituted within the gender relations. The session explored how the state is a part of a wider social structure of gender relations. Here I was able to learn that society has succeeded in giving us a negative view of ourselves especially with our race. However, I have vowed to stand for what I believe in and prove to the world that blacks have value”.

After this one week of training I was never the same that I was able to learn lots of things even some things that I never knew about also was able to socially engage with the members and take part on team work that was given to us.

The experience redefined me, helped me take charge of my life and be outstanding in everything I do.

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