As we draw to the mid-year, the mindful May was deeply being aware of being mindfulness, a reminder of the mental health awareness month, so, In case you missed the journal, here is the link: OUR WELLNESS JOURNALS and Let us fill you in, in case you missed our activities.


Gatherings such as Annual general meetings (AGM) are a source of accountability to the companies/organizations. It was a great honor to hold our AGM, with the current context that prohibits diverse organizing; we say our membership is such a resilient community.

Following last year’s environment in the country, we did not have the chance to hold our Annual General Meeting, however, this year, we were delighted to have an opportunity, to share our annual reports for the year 2022/2023, containing our performance,  organizational financial and program updates, auditors’ report, and an opportunity to vote on current issues, such as co prompting a new board representative, presentation of the staff members and board members in presences for;  new members  to know them.

With such remarks from the Team Lead, Awards were shared to the most outstanding member, staff and board in appreciations to their effects and impacts towards the organization. Highlighting the Anti Homosexuality Law as a living challenge, we appreciate the adoption of new measures of ensuring that our community continues to access any related services in affirming and non-discriminatory way.

Filled with pride, we welcome June, let us Be Loud and Proud


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