Human rights are those rights which a person should have in order to be a human being. These are the rights which every person should enjoy to lead an honourable life as a human being. All individuals should enjoy these rights without any distinction of their sexual orientation or gender identity. These laws have been given a proper place in the constitutions of almost all the democratic”countries of the world. In the present day world, there is a lot of concern about the protection of human rights.

The United Nations on Decembers 10, 1948 adopted the Universal declaration of Human Rights and called upon the different member nations to assure all the human rights to their people. December 10 thus became a historic day in the annals of the world history. As such this day, i.e. December 10 is therefore celebrated all over the world every year as Human Rights Day.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights enumerates two sets of human rights. The first set of rights is civil and political rights which include right to freedom of speech, right to life and liberty, right to equality before law, right to have judicial remedy, right to move freely and right to vote or take part in the governance of one’s country. The second set of rights is economic and social rights. These rights include right to work, right to have rest and leisure, right to have a good standard of living, right to education and right to have equal pay for equal work.

All the above rights are important in their own ways. The united Nation has taken a great deal of interest in fighting stigma and discrimination against LGBTI persons because of their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. One of the most serious of violations of human rights of LGBTI persons in Uganda was the passing of the Anti Homosexuality Act and although it was challenged in court and later nullified,we still suffer from its after effects. We still register cases of LGBTI persons being beaten,tortured,sexual abused,arrested,blackmailed to mention but a few

Human Rights must be ensured to all human beings regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression for their prosperity and happiness. Our fundamental rights are based on these rights.

  1. Rights to freedom of speech and expression enable a person to discuss freely for public and national well being.
  2. Rights to have judicial remedy enable a citizen to move any court if his/her rights are encroached upon by the Government, any person or any agency.
  3. Rights to Vote freely and to take part in the government of one’s country ensures political rights to a citizen.
  4. Rights to have equal pay for equal work save a citizen from economic exploitation.

Thus human Rights are the basic human needs and demands. They are necessary for the all round development of a human being. Hence it is expected that every civilised state will incorporate these rights in its Constitution and try to ensure that its citizens enjoy them. ON THIS HUMAN RIGHTS DAY,WE SEND LOVE AND STRENGTH TO ALL THE FEARLESS LGBTI HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS AND ADVOCATES WHO HAVE DEDICATED THEIR LIVES TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF SEXUAL MINORITIES.WE CELEBRATE YOU.

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