To the rest of the world, I am Queer,Weird and undeserving of space on this earth

To me, I am anything i choose to be!

I am a software engineer, I am brilliant and I am courageous

I am divergent! That’s who i am

To my family , I am just another kid trying to find her purpose in life,

I am lost,misguided and in need of divine intervention


Being who I am has brought me more twists and turns than life could offer parse.

I have been to the bottom, played with the mud and made the most of it


Most will think it is easy dating a girl being a girl myself,but just like any other union,

lesbianism comes with its own quirks.

The mood swings,the attention deficiency,the need to be there for her constantly drains me

more than a bottle of whiskey would ever


My gender identity  has been questioned way more than my abilities have

People do place bets on it and it feels good being in control of who wins.

While i tend to let such moments linger so they can last longer,

I feel so awkward that in a world infested by so many perpetual problems,

A group of people would rather choose to concentrate on what lies in between my legs

than what needs to be done about the deteriorating value in our currency!


After a lot of soul searching, I have come to accept that to the world,

I still remain an outsider, an outcast

Someone who deserves nothing lesser than exiting the world in the most shameful way!


To my family, I have become a point of reference

For anyone in need of a bad example !


To me, I have become my own anchor,

My own shield against  the strong waves that life poses !

I am a Lesbian

But above all

I am human

And there is more to me than meets the eye

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