Once again, amidst the months of hostility, false allegations, misinformation and propaganda, we continue to fiercely strive and stand in solidarity as well serve the LGBTIQ+ community.


The LGBTIQ+ History month this 2023 indeed was a start of history with rampant false propaganda of recruitment, myths and biasness that fueled and continue to fuel violence against the vulnerable individuals. The theme for 2023 LGBTQ+ History month is ‘Behind the Lens’.Β  is celebrating LGBT+ people’s hard work and we continue to celebrate and recognize the resilience of our community, all the allies, partners and well-wishers of the LGBTIQ movement in such trying and repression times.

We celebrate ourselves, our uniqueness and culture. Our history is something none can take away. let’s acknowledge our struggles and achievements by celebrating the LGBTQIA history month. Let’s preach love not hate.








FARUG as a feminist organization believes in continuously nurturing, training and mobilizing LBQ womxn and leaders while focusing on feminism, feminist leadership and feminist movement building. FARUG with support from African Women Development Fund has developed the LBQ Feminist Leadership Manual with the intentions of simplifying the fundamentals of feminism, create awareness and assess feminist echoes and living as LBQ feminists and provide references to support deeper insight and understanding on feminist organizing as they analyze the concept of power, intersectionality, feminism and accountability within the queer movement and organizing.

For more insights on the feminist Leadership Manual through link; LBQ FEMINIST LEADERSHIP MANUAL PDF




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