Christmas gatherings are important and a symbol of unity, and in most times, festive seasons are holidays with families, friends, pets and communities and yet for the LBQ community, these holidays are moments of reconnecting with their perpetrators who are friends and families that should be safe haven for them.

Violations of all forms such as; conventional therapy, sexual harassment, corrective rape; High risky behaviors i.e.; drug and substance usage and abuse that are key influencing factors of HIV infections and vulnerabilities. As a reminder to the membership, Freedom and Roam Uganda as a closure of the annual year, dedicated a space through a Christmas gathering that was a candid space LBQ womxn shared different conversations of tips on how best safe they can keep, prevent and encourage healthy seeking behaviors and consented healthy choices.





Through the Drop in Center, the community paralegal under the Legal Aid desk emphasized vigilance shared the toll free line, GBV Hotline contacts for reference in case of emergency, legal assistance and support; safety and security for LBQ womxn during the festive season key.



What makes a collective gathering more colorful than a CAKE!




FARUG stays committed to serving its membership deliberately online through the Drop In Center.

Seasonal Greetings.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New 2023.

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