Despite the Uganda government refuting any claims about the recent speculation that it is planning to re-introduce the anti-homosexuality bill, there have been ongoing attacks against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer persons in the country in the past two weeks.

On an early morning you wake up to go seek health services and you end up with a bruised skull, broken joint and body aches. Precious a lesbian, was assaulted by a doctor at Mukwaya General hospital in Nsambya on 19th Saturday. She had gone there to pick her eye glasses because they were more affordable.

Shortly after that incidence a gay refugee from Rwanda was attacked while trying to access services at a refugee care NGO office. This was followed by another community attack on the Let’s Walk Uganda safe house in Kyengera which was housing a number of LGBT+ persons who for one reason or the other, lacked residence. The angry crowd threw stones at the house and threatened to burn it down; the residents were saved by the arrival of police who dispersed the crowds and took 16 of the house members into custody. Human Rights Awareness and Promotion forum (HRAPF) reports they have been charged with human trafficking and carnal knowledge against the order of nature. They were given forced anal exams before HRAPF secured their release on 21st October.

We strongly condemn violence against LGBTQ+ persons in Uganda. Let’s create a safer Uganda for everyone.

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