On the eve of 29th June 2018 anxiety filled much of my night I kept on tossing in bed all night. The first ever women’s march was to happen the following day in the streets of Kampala the capital of Uganda.

I arrived at the starting point at exactly 8:00AM on that beautiful sunny Saturday morning of 30th June 2018.All women in their diversities including queer women, sex-workers, feminists, activists, ambassadors and many more had converged already and kept on flocking in. We kept on chanting WOMEN LIVES MATTER! SECURITY NOW! raising our placards bearing the photos and names of the late women…………as we marched through the streets.

We marched because we wanted to demand justice for all the Ugandan women that were and are still continuously being murdered, raped and kidnapped. We were tired of not being able to move around at liberty because we were afraid of being attacked or kidnapped or murdered.

We demanded for accountability from the state and called upon the Ugandan government to stop trivializing women’s lives to respect and protect our lives.


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