Are you well versed with your sexual rights?These include;

For women the right to control their own bodies and sexuality free from violence,discrimination and coercion,within a framework of relationships based on equality,respect and justice;

The right to happiness,dreams and fantasies;

The right to explore one’s sexuality free from fear,shame,guilt and false beliefs;

The right to choose one’s sexual partners without discrimination;

The right to full respect for the integrity of the body;

The right to choose to be sexually active or not,including the right to have sex that is consesual and to enter into marriage with the full and free consent  of both people;

The right to be free and autonomous in expressing one’s sexual orientation;

The right to express sexuality independent of reproduction;

The right to quality sexual health,which requires access to the full range of sexuality and sexual health information,education and confidential services;

The right to insist on and practice safe sex for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases,including HIV/AIDS.


Despite all the above sexual rights Lesbian,Bisexual and Queer women continue to face forced marriages,exclusion from the national HIV/AIDS health programming,lesbophobia rape and discrimination.

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