“Events like PRIDE serve as reminders of our collective strength and Resilience.”

June is pride month to remind ourselves of the love and uniqueness we hold as the community. Pride is a moment of incredible energy and solidarity; celebrating the different diversities and identities on the LGBTIQ+ spectrum. This years’ Pride in a moment of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, marks as an inspiration for the womxn community to be more resilient.

As the Executive Director of Freedom and Roam Uganda, it was absolute joy to have participated in this year’s pride Match.

As an LBQ womxn, this celebration of our community is prescription for my wellness. It is an essential part of my personal and professional journey.

I am proud to be part of an organization that is so dedicated to the liberation and empowerment of LBQ womxn.

This year’s pride may have been hard for many Ugandan LGBTIQ+ siblings but the spirit of activism and rebellion is as strong as ever. Getting to match with PRIDE TORONTO as an honored guest was an incredible experience and I look forward to matching again in pride and solidarity.

Aluta Continua!

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