24th – 30th April is Lesbian Visibility week and the LBQ community celebrate and commemorate, a week dedicated to creating awareness on the different issues faced by Lesbians, our contributions to the community and remembering to celebrate our achievements irrespective,  the Anti Homosexuality Bill as one of the many barriers that sees to seize the visibility and existence of the LBQ womxn, through our Lesbian Visibility Week we showed and continue to share our solidarity with all LBQ womxn and non-binary people in the community, as well as celebrate lesbians in Uganda, One of the event was the LBQ womxn sharing what visibility means to them, however the podcast fosters a sense of community and allows lesbians to take up much-needed space.

You can also join our conversation on the full statement link or listen in, subscribe, like, follow and share the Ba Queer Twogere podcast; Watch our this.


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