Several LBQ womxn lack the knowledge about what Environment and Climate change and justice is; because of this loophole, LBQ womxn have become prey to the harsh weather changes and its radicle effects in addition to the daily homophobic acts they succumb to. The day today struggles such as physical, economic, social and psychological issues, that LBQ womxn are unaware of the fact that, without a suitable environment or climate, all would be in vain and for nothing hence the urgent need for collective advocacy over the most influential issue affecting the livelihoods through stripping LBQ womxn off their Bodily Autonomy and Conflict through Gender Based Violence.

Rights 4 Her Uganda carried out a dialogue with the LBQ community beneficiaries that focused on sensitization about Environment and Climate change versus how it affects our Bodily Autonomy and how it fuels Gender Based Violence.







How does Environment and Climate change connect with Bodily Autonomy?

The environment and climate crisis alone is holding more influence towards LBQ womxn way of life and health which leaves LBQ community in turmoil of having no to little control over their bodies. This is seen through the different effects that come with the harsh weather patterns such as the strong heat wave, harsh cold temperatures, flooding, etc. This has fueled Illnesses such as different kinds of allergies, virus diseases, UTIs, etc. These strip LBQ womxn off their independence as their bodies become vulnerable and ill.


“The harsh weather patterns affect income generation, for example, LBQ womxn sex workers are struggling with scarcity of clients due to the unpredictable climate change which pushes them to exploit their bodies through over working to make ends meet. This comes with physical and mental illnesses”.



With the Environment and Climate crisis comes shortage of resources due to the harsh unfriendly weather patterns. These are brutal towards marginalized communities such as Sexual and Gender minorities like LBQ womxn. This is due to the fact that the LBQ community is struggling economically due to the structured exemption. Having limited resources triggers scrambling for the little that is present hence bringing about conflict amongst different parties. This kind of atmosphere supports individuals with more authority, power or communal status which leaves the vulnerable ones unfairly treated and exempted. This kind of roller coaster is the routine amidst different areas that have been greatly affected by climate change.


“Intimate Partner Violence can too manifest due to mental health struggles that are sometimes triggered by the economical struggles which are a result of the harsh weather changes”.




Why Environment and Climate Change and Justice approach towards sensitization of Bodily Autonomy and Gender Based Violence?!

All Inhabitants survive and benefit from nature, which greatly influences the weather patterns that too affect our way of living and health. With this in mind, it is for a fact that as LBQ womxn, our way of life depends on the wealth and health of the environment and climate hence the need to explore into its justice.

We greatly depend on the wellness of Environment and Climate in our day to day lives, which includes bodily autonomy.

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