As the world prepared to remember David Kato Kisuule an LGBTI activist on 26th January 2019 l, who was lost to violence and hate crime against LGBTI people.

Freedom And Roam Uganda in partnership with Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) on the eve of David Kato’s Memorial we held a Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening at FARUG premises.

A number of LBQ women attended this event. They were taken through pre-health dialogue on Breast and Cervical Cancer by FARUG’s Health desk medical officer. Betty emphasized the importance of carrying out regular check-ups including Pap smear tests that they were at the risk of such cancers as women. She further stressed what preventive measures they can take and stated treatment options for Breast and Cervical Cancer.

“ I should encourage my girlfriend to carry out this screening because they can even detect Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs).Though the experience was traumatizing at one point their equipment could not enter my vagina, so they opted for another. But am grateful this is a unique and rare opportunity especially as someone who cannot afford the costs for the tests.” comments from one the participants.

One thing we are doing as Freedom And Roam Uganda is strategizing what is the next for those who were recommended for further tests? And if the results are positive?

We continue to work towards more health camps for LBQ Women to strengthen LBQ Health in Uganda.

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