We are proud to say that membership development and engagement have always been a critical part of our institutional strengthening.

FARUG operates under the guidance of a competent and professional Board of Directors that includes professionals (Lawyers, Accountants) and individuals with experience in programming on LBQ rights issues.

The structure of our organization comprises of the following organs:

FARUG Members (The General Assembly)

FARUG members are the core of the organization and play a very fundamental role in the implementation of FARUG programs.

The Board

This body is elected by FARUG members. The key function is to provide policy oversight, guidance and strategic direction to the organization.

The Secretariat

The secretariat is the implementation arm of the organization. The secretariat ensures the implementation of plans and engages in fundraising under the guidance of the Board. The secretariat reports to the Board on progress, as well as in search of strategic guidance and direction.

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