Mirror!Mirror on the wall

I was assigned a gender at birth

I was born in a wrong body

I hate my body

My beard,my muscled up legs  and my hairy chest

I smile when I make up my face and do my hair

But those uncalled for insults from you stab me to my core

My menstrual blood and pointed breasts

The wounded,rotten chest

Binding my breasts every day

The scars all over my body

So painful and traumatizing

The expensive breast implants and hormonal therapy

My silence speaks louder than words

Endless evictions from those houses

I call my safe space

Fired and discriminated against from my work places

Nothing hurts like family rejection

The uncalled for stigma from health workers

Is he a man or woman?..am whatever you say am

Whatever appeals to your eyes

Oh the endless questions at the wash rooms

I pray for the world to make my life better,

Wash away my fears and tears

Am human and this who iam

Am a beautiful soul

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