Freedom and Roam Uganda(FARUG)  was identified as a Drop In Centre (DIC) by MARPS Network Limited(MNL), our Drop-In Centre offers HIV related health care services like HIV Testing and Management, Hepatitis B screening and vaccination, counselling, safe sex material distribution i.e. Lubricants, female and male condoms, referrals and  also a safe space where LBQ (Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer), WsW (Women sex with women), Sex Workers otherwise diverse in their sexuality and/or gender, or Questioning their sexuality, and/or gender) are welcomed.
While at our Drop-In Centre Key Populations(KPs) can use the computer that was put in place with internet access to carry out research and are welcome to borrow books out of our Resource Center to equip yourself with information on HIV, Human rights, laws etc. There is also ample space where you can all Come in and network, hang out, have fun and interact mostly during the last Fridays of the month well-known as Social Friday and also get peer-peer support & information from the DIC Coordinator and Peer Educators.

“Services at the DIC are free of charge and open to everyone during operational working hours”


This is the first place to accept me at my worst and not judge me. I know I am safe at Freedom and Roam Uganda – it is my second home.” Unknown”


Drop-In Hours

Working Hours:  Monday – Friday: 9am – 4pm

Weekend Hours

Saturday: In case of emergency you can

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[email protected]

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 Tel: +256(0)781654661, +256(0)0392176977

2017 FARUG- Freedom And Roam Uganda

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